Hand-feeding wildlife is never a good idea. Doing so not only puts people at risk of getting bitten, but can turn otherwise independent animals into unpredictable beggars — and that's not pleasant for anyone.

Clearly, these motorists didn't get that message.

Footage captured along a highway in Russia shows what can happen when a bear has become too accustomed to getting handouts. Rather than keep out of sight like a good bear should, the eager animal instead is seen bringing traffic to a standstill — approaching drivers to collect his tasty toll.

While this scene ended without incident, it's not difficult to imagine things playing out much differently for the bear, or drivers, in the future.

Giving bears food can condition them to abandon their natural fear of humans — potentially leading to deadly conflicts for people and animals alike.

Approximately 100,000 brown bears are estimated to live in Eurasia, and about 70,000 of those are found in the former Soviet Union.


Responses to "Bear Stops Traffic To Make Sure Everyone Gives Him Treats"

  1. Tanja says:

    Makes me sad.

  2. Late one fall, living in mtns of Colorado, was awakened by ripping of my bedroom screen. Huge brown bear climbing in window. In a very deep, powerful voice (from who knows where?), I told her to leave. She did. During the next several weeks, had 4 more visits. I finally realized it was coming on hibernation time. I knew it was not appropriate for me to feed them. In sacred ceremony, I contacted the Oversoul of all local vicinity Bear. I explained, with respect, why I could not feed them, and asked them to forage their food directly from Mother Earth. Bear did not visit me after that.

  3. Firecloud says:

    Is the bear named Yogi or Booboo?

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