Meet the real life Dr Dolittle who has travelled the world to cuddle with cheetahs. Polish journalist Goska Zdziechowska has fed koalas eucalyptus, been kissed by wolves and even spent the night with cheetahs.

In just three years she has volunteered at wildlife sanctuaries in Australia and even South Africa - which she has returned to twice.

A passion and love for animals: Polish journalist Goska Zdziechowska looks so content as she snuggles up to beautiful cheetahs in the wild

The 33-year-old's journey started during a trip to Thailand with her sister Agnieszka when they met a tiger at Tiger Kingdom sanctuary. And when the tiger singled her out to give her a hug - much to the surprise of their guide and Goska decided she wanted to help wild animals.

She has spent around £3,500, paid for by her career in journalism, and is now on the front line helping wild animals under threat. Her amazing photographs show she is just at home with a huge snake to cuddly meerkats and even lions and leopards.


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