Talk about a cat nap! This adorable lynx kitten was so ready for a snooze that she fell fast asleep – halfway up a tree.

 The cute cub was clearly tired after climbing all the way up, and settled down for a doze as she draped herself over a branch.

She soon awoke from her awkward slumber, and was ready to play again. The sweet snaps were taken by photographer Cecilie Sonsteby, from Norway, on a trip to the Langedrag Mountain and Wildlife Park.

Cecilie, 47, said: “I find these lynx cubs totally adorable. “It was amazingly cute – just sitting up there in the tree, dozing in and out of sleep. “These are Eurasian lynx – there are two sisters.

“This one is the most curious and likes to explore the most. “While she was up in the tree, her sister was sleeping next to their mother.”

Eurasian lynx are secretive, and because the sounds they make are very quiet and seldom heard, their presence in an area may go unnoticed for years. Remnants of prey or tracks on snow are usually observed long before the animal is seen.
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    so cute! love baby lynxes!!!!!!

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