For this Bernese mountain dog, a man was more than just his best friend — he was his reason to continue living.

On Sunday night, a police officer from the Broomfield Police Department in Colorado responded to a report of a lost dog named Maddox. After the car he was in got in an accident, he ran off, according to a Facebook post recounting the story. Reportedly, there were sightings of Maddox, but no one was able to actually locate the dog. The hope was that Maddox would be able to find his way back home safe and sound.

But Maddox was far from safe and sound. On Monday, the police department received another call, this time from a witness who found a dog that looked like Maddox — except the dog was "dead." Immediately, Officer Goldstone, who works with animal services, headed out to the walking trails where Maddox had been seen, and found him lying motionless in a ditch filled with snow that appeared to be his grave.

"He looked as though he had given up on life," the Facebook post states. But even though Maddox looked dead, there was still life in him — and Goldstone knew exactly what the dog needed to find the motivation to carry on. Goldstone contacted Maddox's owner, who arrived shortly after she did, and Maddox's response was glorious.

"When Maddox saw his owner coming down the trail, he mustered enough energy to stand up and slowly wag his tail," the post said. Maddox's owner, who'd been driving around looking for his dog, was more than thrilled to finally be reunited with his lost pet.

Maddox the Bernese Mountain Dog Found After “Accidental” Adventure!Easter evening Officer Goldstone responded to the report of a Bernese Mountain Dog, “Maddox”, that had escaped from a vehicle that was involved in an accident. Several sightings were reported throughout the evening with no success in locating Maddox. Everyone involved had hopes that Maddox was heading home and would be found safe and sound. On Monday, Officer Goldstone was dispatched to a call from someone walking on the trails near the Wildgrass subdivision, saying they found a deceased dog, fitting the description of Maddox, buried in the snow. Officer Goldstone’s heart sank as she responded. As she walked about a ½ mile on the trail, she observed Maddox’s head lying on a snow back with no movement. As she headed down into a ditch where the dog was located his head slowly turned. He looked as though he had given up on life. Officer Goldstone contacted the owner, who responded to the location where Maddox was found. When Maddox saw his owner coming down the trail, he mustered enough energy to stand up and slowly wag his tail. Maddox’s owner sprinted down the hill and rescued his best friend. He told Officer Goldstone that he had been driving around all day looking for Maddox. Officer Goldstone walked Maddox and his owner to his car, where their encounter ended with a misty-eyed hug. Maddox was taken to a local vet and is reported to be doing okay. A special thanks to everyone that took the time to assist with locating Maddox. We're so glad that there was a happy ending to this "Accidental" adventure!
Posted by Broomfield Police Department on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Responses to "‘Dead’ Dog Comes Back To Life When He Sees His Owner "

  1. Unknown says:

    What a beautiful ending love it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    awww thats the best news i have heard today i am overjoyed by seeing this and so happy for the owner and the dog maddox thank God for miracles Val in Perth Western Australia

  3. Unknown says:

    This is so awsome for Maddox and his owner his lifelong friend

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