Back in February Vladimir Davydov, the elderly Siberian man refused to give up the search for his German shepherd, whom he believed was stolen.

 Davydov has died, allegedly of a broken heart from never having found Yan.

His life was like a country song: first he lost his wife, then while filing paperwork after being fired from his job as a night watchman because of a leg injury, his beloved Yan was taken.

“Suddenly I heard my boy whining,” he said. “By the time I reached the gate on my crutch, he was no longer there. I saw only a blue car disappearing.

The 77-year-old man was devastated, but resolved to find “his only friend in this life.” He wandered the streets on zero degree days, retracing his movements, hoping to track Yan. “I just could not do anymore walking, physically,” said Davydov. “So I went to a copy center and asked to print out a leaflet for me. I put it on a plaque and pinned Yan’s photo to it as well. I never expected there’d be so many kind people in our town – they all come up to me and talk, ask how it’s going, console me.”

Sadly, on April 1st, Davydov died. He went without ever knowing what happened to Yan. One of the volunteers to find the senior dog, Daria Taraninoka, has started a social media campaign to raise money for his funeral.

“Dear members of the group. Our old man has died. The one about whom we worried most of all, Vladimir Davydov. The one whom we helped all together to search for his friend Yan. I think it is our common case – to help with his funeral.”


Responses to "Elderly Man Dies of Heartbreak After Not Finding His Stolen Dog"

  1. Unknown says:

    That is such a sad story, when you lose a pet by any means is tragic but for it to be stolen and especially when it's all you have in the world so to speak and that bond is forever broken to the point where it breaks your heart it is just so heartless that people can subject people to such hopelessness just so mean and callous and wrong in every sense of the word, for shame.

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