A caring canine is giving new meaning to the term 'doggy day care' by becoming a surrogate parent to a range of animals including tigers, monkeys and a hyena.

 Igor the German Shepherd is helping to raise the animals at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, a sanctuary in Miami, Florida.

Owners Mario and Maria Tabraue brought Igor to the sanctuary in the hopes of him making friends with the baby animals - but little did they know the lovable pooch would become an unofficial member of staff, tending to the animals' emotional needs.

Maria said: 'Igor came through Canine Kennels where they train dogs for the police, Mario saw him and fell in love with him and we decided we wanted him to be part of our family.

'He's played a big role for us, for the family, for other animal companions we have at home. He plays a part with the visitors that come here, they're in love with him.'

The sanctuary boasts an array of exotic animals ranging from tigers to common farm animals - with a strong focus on conservation.

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