Animal friendship runs deep, but this friendship is a bit unexpected: Gohan the husky and an adorable little chick have become fast friends.

What can we learn from the incredible bond that this Husky shares with this baby chick? The story behind how these two met is absolutely beautiful.

One day, while walking around and running some errands, a couple encountered a baby chick – she was tiny, and cold, and helpless. She had somehow either been abandoned by her mother, or had wandered away and couldn’t find her way back.

So, being the good Samaritans that they were, the couple brought the baby chick home to take care of until they had an opportunity to bring her to the local bird shelter. But what happened next was definitely not what they expected.

Upon meeting their Husky, Gohan, the two instantly took to one another. Gohan was extremely gentle with her, even letting her cuddle up underneath of her muzzle for warmth. In return, the baby chick became inseparable from Gohan. So, in a heartwarming change of plans, Gohan’s owners decided to add the chick as a permanent member of their family, and Gohan and the baby chick have been living happily ever after as best friends ever since. Take a look at the video below and see their incredible bond. (Source)

Source: Husky and baby chick share incredible bond by Gohanthehusky on Rumble

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