At Camels and Friends, an animal sanctuary and rehab in Arizona you may have seen on TV, there’s always something going on.

 On this day, one of the operation’s dogs was looking for a relaxing soak. But his gorgeous wolf-friend, Lorne (get a look at those orange-yellow eyes!), looking for a playmate, just wasn’t going to let that happen. What an instigator!

Lovely to see the camaraderie here. Enjoy!

Lorne was born in wildlife park in Georgia who breeds a select number of wolf pups to be used for educational purposes and for ambassadors for their species. Lorne is being raised with the hope of using him in educational talks to raise awareness for an often misunderstood animal.

Lorne is a subspecies of the Grey (or Timber) Wolf. He was born on April 17th, 2014 (wolves are only born in the spring, unlike domesticated dogs)

Lorne is genetically related to Tundra Wolves (subspecies of grey), which are found throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. The white patch they have on their chest indicates that somewhere, many years ago at least one dog must have been mated with a wolf to cause that patch, and through interbreeding it have become a typical marker in Tundra Wolves. (Source)


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