Hugo, who was found as a cub in 2000, lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. She was covered in porcupine quills when she was found. She is named Hugo because she was rescued from Hugo Mountain.

 She was severely dehydrated and malnourished and was unable to walk or eat when brought to AWCC. Although she has made a good recovery, she cannot be released into the wild because she does not have the needed skills to survive on her own. Hugo was the first bear to be given a permanent home at AWCC.

Do you have a friend who can have fun, no matter what? You could be sitting at a table in the middle of nowhere with only a paper clip and a stack of napkins and they somehow make it into an amazing game. It’s really quite the incredible talent to have.

Hugo, the bear in this video is kind of like that friend. This playful Grizzly was rescued by the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center when she was a little cub. Nearly 15 years later, Hugo has not lost her cub-like tendencies at all.

When Hugo comes across a lone hay bale, it’s on. We imagine that Hugo’s hay bale is a little bit like Don Quixote’s windmills. Envisioning the stack of hay as his arch-nemesis, Hugo steps in to protect his Alaskan home from this menacing threat. After about 10 minutes of tussling, Hugo emerges as the victor! That’s right hay bales, you mess with the wildlife preserve and you’ll have to answer to Hugo!
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