Many people have regarded opossums as pests that need to be gotten rid of. It would be a shame for their populations to be exterminated, as they’re the only marsupial to live in the North American continent.

 Even so, few people are taking measures to ensure that these animals remain safe. After all, who could turn away babies that look like this?

Baby opossums can become orphans quite easily, as their mothers are known to get hit by cars on the road. Many people don’t stop to check and see if the mother could have babies in its pouch, and by the time someone does, it’s often too late.

These interesting animals are capable of so much love that they’ll latch onto the first thing that gets close to them or offers them a little affection, and they won’t let go.

More and more people have been taking in these animals to offer them help, especially when they’ve been abandoned by their mothers or have lost them due to accidents. They’ve been recorded as being quite docile and especially slow, as they don’t have the best eyesight.

If you do find an opossum, baby or otherwise, it’s encouraged that you contact the Opossum Society of the United States to see what can be done.

Responses to "These 15 Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Opossums"

  1. Miakoda says:

    Opossums are so cute. I've been feeding them for 20 years now. I currently have a couple of opossum families that live in my woods and they come up every night to eat the left overs that I put out for them and/or the cat's food. Love your FB and your site. Thanks.

  2. cmax says:

    I love opossums! We have a lot around here. I put bowls of food out when they are near. They are just so sweet!

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