"To have another white buffalo calf that’s born is more of a signal to us that not only is our culture and people surviving, but thriving," the chief said.

The community welcomed a rare, white male buffalo calf on May. The calf's mother, also a white a buffalo, was born at Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park in 2009 and gifted to the community's herd because of its significance through the generations.

"The significance of the white buffalo is that... we received all of our teachings and our culture and our ceremonies were given through the white buffalo calf woman," said Sioux Valley Chief Vince Tacan. "We have a lot of people in the community that they follow the beliefs."

"That [the white buffalo] signals the start of our culture and our beliefs and our ceremonies," he added. "It's really important to us." Tacan said he knew they were dealing with something special once he saw the calf, but didn't go out of his way to tell everyone. Tacan is one of the caretakers of the community's herd.

Since the birth, people have been coming from as far as the United States to see the baby buffalo and leave tobacco offerings wrapped in colourful ribbons and pouches that now line the fence along the buffalo's enclosure.

"It's up to you [community members] to come to the buffalo and put out your offerings," he added.

Tacan said he wasn't sure the odds are of the white buffalo being born, but it's the first one the community's herd has seen since his mother was welcomed into the herd more than six years ago.

He said the community has had requests to bring the buffalo out and put it on display at fairs and other events, but the community is opting to keep it in the pasture instead. "I don't think we'd want to display her [the mother] in that sort of way," said Tacan. "It's a sacred animal... If you want to see it you'd have to come out here."

"We're trying to work in a respectful way."

Tacan said the buffalo right now are used as a teaching opportunity for the community while they build the herd's numbers up, but might look at some sort of commercial operation down the road. "The buffalo were important in the past and we hope they'll be important in the future coming up," he said.

UPDATE: “Six years ago when I became chief I basically inherited a mess. The finances were in bad shape and a lot of aspects of the reserve were struggling. I noticed that when the buffalo came in things began to improve and I really do believe that something is going on here,” Vincent Tacan, chief of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation said.

“Our debt has been cleared up, we have a better relationship with our surrounding neighbours, we are starting to educate our people on and off the reserve, there are cross-cultural exchanges happening, and we have been able to start a significant economic development project.

 There have been a lot of positive things happen here and some that I can’t explain but it seems to be going along a parallel track with the bison.”

Responses to "A Rare White Bison Was Born Into A Herd Belonging To The Sioux Valley Dakota Nation"

  1. Joy Redhand says:

    Another was born this month in PA. The last few years have been busy with these births. The signs couldn't be more obvious. All the other white animals lately also. Time to get our act together, guys. We will be leading people soon.

  2. Dawn says:

    Please respect the beliefs and respect nature and leave these precious animals alone. They were not born for the entertainment of man but are sacred. If Baby Jesus were alive here would he be put on display like we do at Xmas? Hopefully the answer is no.

  3. Unknown says:

    Such a beautiful Bison & calf.

  4. Unknown says:

    Much good fortune , now comes walking ...

  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad we are monitoring all wildlife the best we can...I think we should bring back the jaguar

  6. Anonymous says:

    My heart is full of love. I bet we can expect more of these sacred signs thru more births. Thank you Great Spirit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am honored live in this time , to share breath in this life with sacred white buffalo

  8. sseiber6 says:

    Let's all be respectful and joyful about this birth!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Blessed be the birth of the baby white buffalo! May it grow strong and be the proud father of many more generations to come. And may all colors walk together in the peace that this sign brings!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Leave them in their environment, where they belong, and the people that respect them. Thank you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wopila to Tunkasila for this Sacred sign of hope. May we All be humble in our hearts to know and speak, walk, dance, heal and be grateful to share this transcendent peace for the good of Earth Mother and All her children in this generation as well as seven generations and beyond*

  12. Please keep a guard on this little one and the mother. With all going on with the pipeline protest, evil people might harm them to demoralize the protesters.

  13. Beautiful

  14. A happy time!

  15. Hillary says:

    Very beautiful and cute!!! I'm so glad things improved for you when the buffalo come in ❤ I have Sioux blood in my veins and am proud

  16. Unknown says:

    I am half Sioux and am honored to be alive in this moment of the time.

  17. There is much to be said for this birth, much like the white Dobermans I hold dear. They are significant and not to be looked at as a genetic atrocity. I love that your people value the white buffalo and understand their sacred presence ♡ I hope one day to see them, and your people, and speak about these beautiful white creatures we were all blessed with. Thank you for keeping the white buffalo at home, where he and his mother belong and can flourish among your people, as it was meant to be ♡

  18. Unknown says:

    I have had dreams of the White Buffalo. Sharing of our breath, and it bringing me distant places to show me things of importance.
    It was an amazing "dream" I still see the White Buffalo and feel it's breath on me when I close my eyes at times.

  19. CT Bob says:

    I was present for the naming ceremony in Goshen, CT of a white buffalo bull calf born there between 2007 and 2010. His name was White Buffalo Medicine Boy I believe. He was given to the Lakotas of North Dakota to replace one that died there. I was a shamana at the time and was allowed to observe. This calf was an amazing site to behold. He walked with his head held high and very regal.

  20. I feel honored to have my Anishinaabe namesake of the white buffalo. (White Buffalo Man) The name compels me to educate our youth to replace their personal needs with the needs of our planet.

  21. I come from Cherokee out of NC and Seminole from the far south of GA
    Please keep this beautiful creature and it's Mother out of harm's way.. it is a blessing from our almighty warriors from generations past.
    Be blessed and be true to your community of Brothers.
    Indian Nation live long and prosper..

  22. Unknown says:

    That is so cool..a myth comes to life..do it is not s myth it is truth.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Auspicious signal emanating from creation telling us to wake-up and notice our origins and humanity's place within the family of all living creatures. To witness and to be touched by the spirit of one of these sacred apparitions is to be blessed with the promise of renewal.

  24. Thanks for the great mystery, ina makoçé Wakan, Hau wopila, pilamaya pi yélo, mitakuyéOyacin.

  25. Unknown says:

    All my relations, aho......

  26. .. og den hvide løve ikke at forglemme <3

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