Half a year ago a Reddit user who goes by the name of “doihavetosignup” posted some pictures (on behalf of their mom) of his parent’s new kitten Moses chilling on the back of their adorable Collie Molly.

Six months later and it seems that very little has changed, because although Moses is no longer a kitten, he and Molly seem to be just as inseparable as they were when they first met!

Moses got his name because he was abandoned when he was very little and then found by a beautiful, young princess (“either my mom or the dog, depending on who you ask” says the Reddit user).

Since then he’s been cared for by Molly as if he were her own. In fact, according to doihavetosignup, Moses now acts more like a dog than a cat! Take a look at the pictures below to see this wonderful duo in action. Who said that cats and dogs don’t get along?

"if you have a dog already and you get a kitten, will it act more like a dog when it grows up due to observing the dog's behavior?" I'm now 100 % sure that the answer is yes! said the owner.

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