The bus ended up at Stratford Bus Station at around 10pm and the stranded dog then stayed on the bus until the 'early hours' because it 'didn't want to be moved'

Bus driver Amos Paul Mak was on one of his London routes when he saw two men getting on with a dog around 9.30pm. Shortly after, the pair got off, leaving their scared dog on the bus.

“The dog then stayed so I stopped the bus for five minutes and asked on the tannoy if anyone owned the dog, but nobody came forward,” Mak told the Daily Mail. The man then finished his route and came to comfort the Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix who was still on the bus and couldn’t stop trembling.

“I could tell the dog was starting to become more and more nervous – it was shaking as I was stroking it. But it seemed like it was quite switched on and it seemed like a smart dog. I offered to take the dog home, but I wasn’t able to because if it had bitten me, I could have sued the company.”

The dog “didn’t want to be moved,” so he stayed on the bus where he was given food and cared for during the night until the dog warden arrived. The dog was found travelling along Leyton High Road on the 158 route bus. You can contact Newham Animal Welfare Team on 020 8586 9739 if you recognize the dog, now named Buster.

The dog was 'well cared for and kept on the bus' until this morning when it was collected by the dog warden.

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  1. I hope he finds a new home where he will be happy.I suppose better to leave the dog where he will be safe rather than doing anything nasty.

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