Most puppies would be content with a chew toy, but this young German Shepherd seems not to realise that he's a dog, insisting on sucking on a dummy, sleeping in a pram and being fed a bottle.

 Karma began mimicking her owner's baby grandson when she was 12 weeks old. And now at five months old it seems she believes she's a human.

The pup began by stealing dummies from her owner's grandson, but now the pooch regularly sleeps in a baby's pram and even suckles from bottles of milk and sleeps in a little onesie.

Her owner Iris Armstrong, 63, originally from Welling, Kent, initially found it funny when her muddled mutt started copying her two-year-old grandson, Kayden.

But now even after putting the puppy in a play-pen she still manages to escape to play with her human best friend.Karma even has an onesie that she wears while snuggling up to Kayden and often plays with his toys too. Iris believes the puppy believes she's a baby since she has regularly started sneaking into Kayden's pram before snuggling up with a dummy in her mouth.

Ms Armstrong, who is retired, said: 'Karma and Kayden are almost like brother and sister at times, I'm sure she copies what he's doing and because it's like she's a human baby too. 'She first started with dummies at three months old, it was a little pink one that she pinched it from the side and just sat there suckling on it like a baby. .

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