You know this feeling when your bed seems so sweet and warm that it leaves you incapable of waking up?!! This baby elephant knows it too.

A heartwarming video showed the stubborn little animal snoozing deeply on his side in the middle of wildlife park

The youngster ignored his impatient mother, who ran her trunk over him, before finally getting up and chasing after her when caretakers gave him a little nudge.

The sweet video, taken on a sunny day, sees the little elephant male sleeping in the grass in the shadow of his mother, who kicks up dust.

His mother, growing tired of the long nap, walks languidly over to the calf and runs an inquiring trunk over his sleepy body.

Getting no response from the lazy youngster she admits defeat and walks away. Thankfully, keepers are at hand to step in, and one of them gently prods the animal's backside several times.


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