Ravens are well-known for their intelligence, they are also very playful birds, performing mid-air acrobatics, playing 'games' with each other's beaks and passing "things" to each other.

Pairs stay together for life, and defend a territory from which they exclude all other ravens. Breeding begins in February or March.

Following a mating display involving posturing, mutual preening and beak caressing, the pair make a solid nest (or renovate the previous year's nest) of sticks lined with moss and mud.

Clutches contain four to six blue-green eggs, one of which is laid each day until the clutch is complete. The female incubates the eggs for up to 20 days, during which time she is fed by the male. Both parents feed the chicks, which stay in the nest for up to six and a half weeks.

Ravens do not tend to travel widely; during winter adults remain in their breeding territory, and young birds do not tend to disperse further away than 20 miles.

Male and female ravens pair for life and lay up to six blue-green eggs per clutch.


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    People can learn a lot from animals.

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    Wild lives matter too!

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    "Our" pair have been here for years and are very entertaining. Boy, are their babies noisy beggars - literally! Three babies this year, four last year, and always two before that.

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    pity humans are not as smart

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    so good

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    The origin of human kissing comes from a mothers chewing food and placing it directly in the child's mouth.

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