Only the alpha female and alpha male of a pack will breed. The pups are born in a den, usually between March and May.

At first, wolf pups will only consume their mother's milk. On average, they'll feed four or five times a day, gaining plenty of nutrition to help them grow. By the time they reach roughly 2 weeks old, they have their first milk teeth and can start to eat small piece of regurgitated meat.

Members of the pack will feed them regurgitated foods until they're around 45 days old, when they can start to eat meat by themselves. They'll continue drinking milk from their mother until they're fully weaned between 8 and 10 weeks old.

Nature is infinitely inventive, but on some occasions it seems to love some of its designs so much that it decides to reproduce them almost completely in the next generation.

This is no less true of animals than it is of humans — and in the case of wolves, the results can be very cute indeed. Here are some of the best examples we’ve come across.

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