Heart-wrenching moment: A golden snub-nosed monkey mum refused to leave her baby's body after the one-year-old baby monkey fell from a 20m tall tree and died

 Photos taken in the Qin Ling Mountains of central ‪China‬ on June 28 show a monkey mum lingering around her baby's body after the one-year-old baby monkey fell from a 20 meters' tall tree and died.

The baby monkey who fell in the process of food gathering can be seen lying on the rock, whilst the monkey mum kept screaming as if she was calling her baby not to leave her.

The monkey mum was then seen leaving the rock carrying her baby's body.

About 20,000 of golden snub-nosed monkey remain on Earth. Some 4,000 inhabit the mountainous region where Chinese officials set up the Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve to protect the species.

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Guo Songtai, an Chinese professor specialised in the golden snub-nosed monkey told that it was not uncommon for a primate to carry its dead baby.

It has been observed in the Qin Ling mountains for a golden snub-nosed monkey to carry her infant for as long as 35 days after its death, said Guo, who teaches at the College of Life Sciences in the Northwest University in Xi'an.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how very sad for this beautiful baby thats gone and for the distraught mum it just goes to show that animals do have pain and grief and that we should protect all our wild life not hunt them poor darling i hope she recovers in healing sent to them from us all Val Bounds in Perth Western Australia

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