Ravens don’t mate until they are about three. They must have their own territory before nesting. New couples form in the winter or spring and will stay together for life.

 When a male Raven is interested in a female, he will puff up his feathers and make a series of bowing motions, spreading his tail and his wings to display iridescent feathers. He may invite the female to take a flight where they perform spectacular acrobatics, soaring and gliding together.

Their flight of dives and rolls is their way of getting to know each other. The nest is built high on cliffs, tree tops or tree cavities. It consists of sticks, moss and bark. The eggs are incubated by the female, but the chicks are fed by both adults after they hatch.

The parents stay with the chicks for 6 months after they fledge. The adults are able to defend their chicks from predators because of their size and their brains. Ravens have been known to drop rocks on a would-be predator to deter it from their nest!

"White ravens are the result of the mating of two common ravens with the same genetic defect. The same pair could produce many generations of white ravens, since common black ravens are monogamous and long-lived."

 Ravens are more solitary than crows and usually travel in mated pairs


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