A miracle five-day-old foal lost in the wilderness owes its life to its shiny white coat after rescuers spotted it glowing in the dark.

Billy the Dartmoor pony was plucked to safety after the Friends of Dartmoor Hill Pony group responded to an emergency call from hikers.

Charlotte Faulkner and her daughter Storm were alerted by a group of walkers who said they had found a small pony foal, which abandoned on the moor. The hikers had carried him for a mile and had left him at the bottom of a pinnacle called Lucky Tor.

Charlotte said: 'My daughter Storm and I responded right away. It was dark but we were given instructions as to where to find him.

'We wandered around aimlessly for a while until we knocked on a few doors and people showed us where to start searching. 'Eventually a farmer took us onto the moor to where he believed the foal had been left.'

Charlotte and her daughter spent an hour up to their knees in wet marshland and long grass until they spotted Billy. Storm added: 'I can't really explain it but I ran to a wooded area for no real reason and in the darkness I just caught a glimpse of something very lightly coloured.

'It was the foal laying in the tuffs of grass. 'It was 11pm and we had been on the moor for an hour and it was easily a mile back to the car and I had to carry him the whole way. His light colour certainly saved his life.'

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  1. assissi3 says:

    I love you for rescuing the foal. Thank you so much! He and you are blessed.

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