Whether you swim or you bark, love is love.

 An eight-year-old French Bulldog named Daisy has her very own FWB (fish with benefits.) She is frequently caught kissing a fish named Frank who resides in her owner's koi pond.

Their owner, Carrie Bredy, has documented their love affair on Instagram and YouTube for all to see.

Though Bredy has two other dogs — Tomato and Walter — according to her Instagram page, since Bredy built her koi pond back in 2015, it seems as though Daisy is the only dog who enjoys visiting it.

Though Daisy and Frank's rendezvous take place at the koi pond, there is nothing coy about the relationships. Daisy heads over to the pond, lowers her head and waits for Frank to swim up — then the public make-out sesh begins.

It's clear that the two share a very special bond, and Bredy can't get enough. She captioned one of her YouTube videos, "My French Bulldog (Daisy) and my koi fish (Frank) have had a year-long love affair. I never get tired of watching their affection toward each other."

Bredy also shared on Instagram that "When Daisy isn't busy kissing Frank, she enjoys lounging in the shade next to the pond," so at least they're always close by.
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