We’ve all watched the videos of dogs running to their soldier guardians when they finally come home. It is the sweetest image of love and devotion coupled with sheer excitement.

 Dogs have done everything from crying out in joy and tackling their mom or dad, to literally fainting with happiness. Let’s be honest, we all reach for the tissue box during these touching videos.

We don’t see too many videos of cats reacting to their guardian’s homecoming though.

Cats love their guardians just as much as dogs, but they show it in a very different way. They aren’t big on grandiose displays of affection; they would rather give you a quiet purr every now and then to assure you of their love. A quiet purr, however, doesn’t make a heartwarming video montage!

This parody captures the greeting we would expect from our cats upon returning from a far away destination. Let’s just say their reactions leave something to be desired. Oh cats, your attitudes make us love you even more!


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