A citizen of the Navajo Nation, had a special visit from an eagle near Juneau, Alaska while fishing for salmon with Tlingit friends.

 They suggested she make an offering of the baby King salmon she caught, and as she prayed in Navajo, the eagle listens and acknowledges her prayer. A rare blessing in Tlingit and Haida homelands that will be cherished forever. (Source)

Eagles are considered spiritual messengers between The Great Mystery and people.

The eagle is the ruler of the sky and has the ability to transform itself. The eagle also has a connection with our creator. It symbolizes grace, power, and has great intellectual abilities. The Eagle is a sacred, wise and noble creature representing power and prestige to the First Nations People of the NorthwestCoast.

Eagles mate for life and is accepted as a sign of lasting spousal dedication. Few eagles that have lost their mate have been known to end their own life in despair. Eagle "Down" is revered as sacred and is sprinkled on the ground in ceremonies to welcome an important person in formality.

Eagle feathers are used while smudging along with praying. The feathers were also given as symbolic gift to impart respect for accomplishment and display of courage and wisdom.


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