An inspirational woman from outback Australia gave up her job and devoted her life to saving kangaroo joeys whose mothers had been shot dead.

Tanya Jones, 47, has spent the past 10 years caring for and mothering rescued red kangaroo joeys in the Northern Territory.

She founded Tanya's Wildlife Shelter in Alice Springs after deciding to give up her job working as an accountant in Perth.

Now Ms Jones gives all her time to her adorable helpless hoppers nursing them back to health from three months old all the way to release aged three or four.

Each youngster is kept safe inside specially made pouches which try to mimic the conditions of a mother's pouch in the wild.

'Luckily joeys don't snore but when they want to wake you up, getting licked up the nostril works every time,' Ms Jones said. 'I tell you what that's a weird feeling. It makes you sit up real quick.

'I get up in the morning, feed all the joeys and then get them toileted and then give them a play, and then do same thing over and over again. I don't have much of a social life. 'They live in the house with me, they sleep on the bed with me, they are never out of my sight.

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