Watch Ex-Circus Lion Experience Feel of Grass for First Time. Will the Lion had been confined to a cramped cage in Brazil his whole life.

 Will the lion spent the last 13 years of his life in a Brazilian circus. Although wild animal circus bans do exist on a local level in Brazil, sadly many animals continue to be abused and exploited in these cruel attractions. Will was one of these animals and the impact of living in a cramped, fetid cage took a major toll on his well-being.

Thankfully, after over a decade of suffering, Will was rescued by Rancho do Gnomos. This amazing organization is a safe haven for domestic, wild and exotic animals who have been abused or neglected. Most of the animals in the sanctuary’s care come from captivity backgrounds, so the staff was more than prepared to help Will adjust to his new found freedom.

In this video, Will steps onto the grass for the first time in years! Seeming to understand that he will never have to suffer in a small cage again, Will makes himself right at home. It’s a shame it took him 13 years of suffering to reach this point, but we are so pleased to see him finally taste freedom!


Responses to "Rescued Circus Lion Feels Grass and Dirt for the First Time in 13 Years! "

  1. Lell says:

    Breaks my heart to think of all the animals who suffer so much at the hands of selfish cruel humans, this is bitter sweet as all I can think of its his life before this moment

  2. Love it. Animals do have feelings and so happy to see this male lion being able to enjoy life the way it should be.

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