Sometimes nature is just begging to be turned into a Disney movie. This is an example of one of those times.

You see, here we have a tale of a friendship so adorable that it has to be seen to be believed. These two precious souls were brought together and documented by a German professional animal photographer. And we should all thank her for this cuteness.

The owl loves the dog so he goes where the dog goes! Watch him hitch a ride as they enjoy a nice swim in the water. This is definitely one of the most unique friendships we've ever seen!

Can Owls Swim? Matthew Zwiernik, an ornithologist from Michigan State University, says "It's not very common because they have no means of defense once they're in the water." An owl's talons don't make for good propulsion, so once they're in the water, they can't get out until they reach shore. Fortunately this owl has a protector like this awesome dog friend

Once an owl swims to shore, it will typically fluff out its feathers to dry.

"They'll shake it off," "They'll preen a bit. They'll rouse. They'll go up into a tree and let their feathers dry."


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