Chances are, after readers meet Mya the Pomsky, they may well want a dog just like her. You may have seen pictures of this gorgeous dog on Instagram or elsewhere, but just in case you missed Mya, here she is.

 From her stunning blue eyes to her bushy, full tail and overall physical good looks, Mya has a unique beauty that combines the Pomeranian and Husky coloring, both breeds’ fluff and dense coats and a striking guise. The fact that Mya’s overall appearance is so foxlike makes her all the more special. Every dog is an exceptional fur baby and this one is astounding!

Red-coated Mya was only recently discovered on her Instagram page and news spread quickly about her. She has since become quite a hit on the Internet and she can be found everywhere.

Mya’s breeding is a mix of Pomeranian and Husky. She definitely has all the best looks of both breeds. She is smaller than a Husky, larger than a Pomeranian, yet she also appears to be a member of the fox family. This pooch is a looker and an overnight success, taking countless viewers by storm. You take a look at Mya, and you become an instant fan. Some people are totally obsessed with her.

She is definitely comfortable in front of the camera and, as can be said about human models, the camera loves her. Apparently she cannot take a bad picture.

Photos Via Mya the Pomsky

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    sooooooo gorgeous!

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