Danielle plays with Na'Vi (the big black phase goof ball) and Tala (the sweet little girl).

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is located just west of the small town of Divide, CO. Founded in 1993 as the Wolf Rescue Center in Lake George, CO, we have evolved into the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.

Located less than an hour from Colorado Springs in a scenic mountain setting awaits a unique and educational wildlife experience.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is home to wolves, coyotes and fox that each live and thrive in large wooded enclosures that provide privacy, sanctuary and stimulation for these amazing and beautiful animals.

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center visitors can take an hour tour to meet all of the resident animals, learn their histories and gain a better understanding of how they and their habitat are being threatened and what people can do to help. Each tour culminates with a group "wolf howl.


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