An Australian woman who came home to find a koala had broken into her house captured video of the adorable intruder trying its hand at pole dancing.

 Nikki Erickson of Woolgoolga, New South Wales, said in a Facebook post she came home from work one afternoon to find the koala trying to climb her pole dancing equipment like a tree.

"It was pretty shocking walking into my house and seeing this beautiful creature," Erickson wrote. "It got in through an open [door] we leave open for nitro to get to his bed. Apparently it's breeding season for them but not very common for them to wander into a house."

Erickson said she called a koala rescue service to return the marsupial to its natural habitat.

"They made sure she was ok and in good condition, then released her," Erickson told the publication. "They sent me an email the following day to let me know."

"I've named her Larrisa the pole dancing koala bear," Erickson wrote.


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