The boreal forest is a vast, subarctic coniferous woodland that dominates a huge expanse of the Canadian wilderness. Its rugged landscapes and abundant wildlife challenge and stimulate the photographer at every turn.

 Canada's boreal forest comprises about one third of the circumpolar boreal forest that rings the Northern Hemisphere, mostly north of the 50th parallel. Other countries with boreal forest, also called taiga, include Russia, which contains the majority, the United States in its northernmost state of Alaska, and the Scandinavian and Nordic countries (e.g. Sweden, Finland, and Norway).

Doug Dance was born in Trenton, Ontario Canada and now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has an Honors Bachelor of Science (HBSc) degree in Geology from the University of Western Ontario and is currently pursuing his passion as a professional nature and wildlife photographer.

A childhood interest in nature was rekindled in 1990 when Doug first visited Yellowstone. His renewed fascination with the ways of the wilderness eventually led to a yearlong adventure in the park known as ‘Wonderland’.

After more than two decades dedicated to photographing the wonders of Yellowstone, Doug is now focusing his attention on subjects that are closer to home. The boreal forest, and the creatures that live there, are areas of special interest to Doug as he pursues his creative endeavors.

Photos Doug Dance

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    Beautyful pictures!

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    Gratitude for the beauty and complexity of life and to the skill of all involved in bringing these images to us on the digital web. May our paths work to preserve and cooperate with nature.

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    Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing.

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    These are the treasures of Nature and humanity, please don't destroy them.

  5. These are fantastic photos. I enjoyed each one. Thank you for your gifted eyes.

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