Though the deputies in Jefferson County, Colorado, are no strangers to odd animal-related calls, they were utterly perplexed after being alerted of a bear stuck in a car.

Deputies Tillman and McLaughlin responded to the call, but once they arrived they could not understand exactly how the animal managed to let himself into the vehicle and lock the doors.

There were no broken windows at the scene and according to the video description, the moisture on the windows let deputies know that the bear had been in the car for quite some time.

The deputies decided to open the hatch to release the bear through the trunk, and the bear eagerly returned to the woods.

"No windows were broken. The door handles weren’t the kind you lift up. And yet somehow this medium-sized bear managed to open a door, crawl inside and close the door behind him. Deputies could tell by all the moisture on the windows that he’d clearly been inside for a while. Given the size of the bear, they also wondered if there was a momma bear nearby." told deputies

Thankfully once the door was open the bear had no interest in deputies, only in getting back into the wild.

Good work, deputies, and we hope this young bear stays far away from cars in the future.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Might want to keep the hatch closed, especially if there are any lingering food smells from a month ago or longer. You are in bear country.

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