Have you ever wanted to learn powwow dancing? A new video series produced by Coeur d'Alene Tribe from Idaho is turning traditional powwow dances into workouts.

 The videos were produced to help get Indigenous people moving.

"We as Native people in the States have high rates of diabetes and heart disease." said LoVina Louie, the program coordinator for Qhest Life, which is the organization that produced the series.

A lot of typical workout routines don't work for Native Americans, Louie explained.

"That's why we took this traditional approach, like how can we use culture to get our people to exercise, because traditionally our way of life was exercise. Everything we did from gathering roots and berries to hunting and fishing — it was all physical," said Louie.

The dances covered in the series include traditional, jingle, men's fancy, men's grass dance and crow hop.

The instructor for the series is powwow dancer Shedaezha Hodge, who injects a lot of humour to the dances.

In the video on jingle dress dancing, Hodges urges viewers to "drop the Pringles and let's jingle."


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  1. Unknown says:

    So awesome!!! This 60 yr old nana will be pow wow sweatin' with my granddaughter for our home schooling physical ed. Activity!! HEYA!! Lililililililililililili

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