Ottawa, Canada native Jim Cumming is an amateur wildlife photographer and has been photographing wildlife since 2008. A majority of his images displayed here were taken in and around the Ottawa Valley.

His photographs have been displayed at the Museum of Nature and City Hall in Ottawa, Canada as well as being published in numerous calendars, books and magazines including Canadian Wildlife Federation, Digital Photographer, National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Digital SLR Photography, PhotoNews, Ottawa Outdoors, Outdoor Photography Canada, Outpost and PhotoLife.

Canada supports the second largest gray wolf population in the world, after Russia. Wolf habitat is diverse in this large country where, historically, wolves ranged in most areas.

Currently, wolves in Canada occupy approximately 90 percent of their historic range. The 10 percentage without wolves is primarily near the southern border, except near Lake Superior where wolves still live. See individual provinces.

The “Algonquin” or eastern wolf is listed as a Species of Special Concern under Canada’s Species At Risk Act (SARA) and is protected

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