He was left without water and locked in a hot car while his owner was nowhere to be seen.

When they noticed the poor dog, police officers were forced to smash open the vehicle’s windows to stop the animal suffocating in the heat.

It is not clear how long the dog had been left in the car. Footage has been released which shows an officer using a tool to smash the window open on the driver’s side.

The gasping dog immediately launches out of the window, completely unaware of the glass around him, as he desperately tries to escape.

Officers then gave him some water, which he quickly laps up. The pooch is then seen looking around in shock.

NOTE: Every year, dogs suffer and die when their guardians make the mistake of leaving them in a parked car—even for “just a minute”—while they run an errand.

Parked cars are deathtraps for dogs: On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes, and on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes.


Responses to "Police Smash Window To Save Dog From Dying In Overheated Car"

  1. Lell says:

    People that leave living things locked inside cars should be imprisoned, its the cruelest most horrible way to die, slowing being cooked. There is NO EXCUSE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope that the owner of this sweety, got a big fine. They can affort a big fine, look at type of the car... And that this sweet dog got other owners, who can be responsible for other living beings.

  3. Jo Ann says:

    Owner should be charged with animal abuse. Poor dog could have died without intervention.

  4. Diana says:

    Hope they confiscated the poor dog and it found another home.

  5. jayjay55 says:

    The owner should have been arrested, fined and the dog taken away and rehomed to someone who cares. I am surprised that someone with an IQ that low, that the owner lived to be old enough to take a driving test.

  6. Unknown says:


  7. Unknown says:

    terrible bravo la police merci pour ce gros toutou

  8. Unknown says:

    Unbelievable. These people should NEVER be allowed to have pets. Period.

  9. jayjay55 says:

    You can medicate insanity, educate ignorance but there is no cure for stupidity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for being Animal Loving People ~

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