Behind each smiling face lies a story that will melt your heart and proves that goodness still prevails in a world of abuse and neglect.

You’ll discover them all lined up, decked out in bright bandanas and spunky sunglasses, soaking up the sun and being doggone cute. You’ll meet Jake, the Pit Bull puppy, sitting calmly in a pool, playing with his duck siblings. You’ll be awed to see Mia the cat, on her leash, on a hike with her doggie siblings. Yes, you read that correctly. The cat goes hiking. . . with dogs!

Kasey Boggs and her husband, Blake, have been rescuing animals for a decade, and it all started when Kasey was 19, when she spotted three-month-old Toy Fox Terrier, Roxy, looking forlorn in a pet store window.

She played with the pup and returned home, only to go back and save the sick pup, who she later learned didn’t have a hip joint, a deformity common in puppy mill babies.

Boggs nourished the dog back to health, but not without spending a considerable sum of money. With the backing of the vet who performed surgery, she filed a complaint against the pet store for selling unhealthy animals with forged records, and succeeded in getting the store shut down.

A few years later, Roxy became a certified therapy dog; the duo now visit hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. That’s quite a story for a beginner rescuer!

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