A Joyful encounter with European wolves at the Wolf Conservation Association Belgium.

Info About European Wolves: In 2011 wolves were spotted in Belgium and the Netherlands in several locations. The different lone wolves are probably from the French or Italian populations.

Since wildlife corridors and wildlife crossings over highways are being created that connect wildlife areas in the Netherlands, such as the Veluwezoom National Park and the Oostvaardersplassen with the Klever Reichswald in Germany, nature conservation organisations expect wolves to migrate to the low countries in the near future.

In Switzerland there is one wolf pack in the Calanda mountain and several lone wolves. Wolves are afforded protection, and livestock damage compensation is paid by Cantons. Swiss authorities gave permission to shoot eight wolves between the years 2000 and 2013.

Europe, excluding Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, has 12,000 wolves in over 28 countries.

Wolves were first spotted in Germany in 1998, and are thought to have migrated from western Poland. Currently, there are around 150 wolves in 26 packs now roaming in Germany, most of them in the eastern German region of Lusatia, and they are now still expanding their range to the west and north.


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  1. Thank you for taking care of them and giving them freedom!

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