This cute bear cub hitched a ride on his mother's back when he decided he didn't want to get wet while crossing a stream in Lake Clark National Park in Alaska.

 But the mother at least got some revenge - spraying the hapless cub with water. The adorable brown bear clearly wasn't keen on splashing around in the water, as he scrambled up onto his mother's back and clung on tightly while she swam across the lake.

The cute scene was caught on camera by photographer Anthony Goldman, 64, during a trip to Lake Clark National Park. Mr Goldman, from Florida, said: 'There are lots of bears that live in this national park, and we had a special interest in this Alaskan brown bear because she had two spring cubs with her.

'We found them in the meadow, and after they'd had enough to eat they went to cross the stream to get back to their home in the forest.

'The mum went into the stream first, and then the two cubs followed her into the water - but the smaller cub didn't like the water at all, and made loud squealing noises.

He very quickly got onto his mum's back to see what was going on - he held on very tightly, and it was clear he didn't want to get wet again.

'Once the mum crossed the river, she threw the cub off her back and it quickly ran onto dry land.

'He had a great ride!'

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