This coonhound has become a close friend with a rescued raccoon and it seems that both animals are having great fun while fooling around together.

 One of America's canine aristocrats, the Black and Tan Coonhound's bloodlines hark back to the Talbot hound of a thousand years ago, yet he's completely a creation of the mountain people of the Ozarks and the Smokies.

Nose to the ground, he singlemindedly trails his prey, primarily the raccoon. Of the six coonhound breeds, the Black and Tan is the one most frequently recognized, notable for his size and distinctive coloring.

Normally a Coon dog wouldn't be friends with a raccoon, but Rock loves wrestling with Ringo, the raccoon his family rescued.

Because of his strong hunting instinct and specialized skills, the Black and Tan Coonhound is rarely thought of as a family dog. Still, for people who admire the hound's independent nature and sense of humor, he can make an excellent companion and at home he tends to be laidback, playful, and gentle.

The stamina that makes this Hound a great hunting dog also makes him an excellent jogging or running companion. But he's equally satisfied with a good daily walk, especially if there's plenty of sniffing time built in. Afterward, expect him to sack out on the sofa, preferably in or near your lap. This is a dog who likes his comforts.


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