It's a whole new world for these tiny puppies as they emerge out into the open air for the first time.

Exciting footage captured the moment a pack of wild dogs brought their little ones out into the sunlight to the amazement of those watching.

Part-time wildlife-photographer and Industrial Engineer, Morkel Erasmus, was on a safari at Ngala Reserve in South Africa when he began filming the incredible sight.

Morkel, 33, said this was an extremely rare experience for him, adding: 'I had not seen small painted dog pups before, and being able to witness this kind of behaviour was special indeed.'

He added: 'My wife and I were invited to visit some den sites of painted dogs in the central Kruger area by Grant Beverley, the EWT head of Wild Dog research for Greater Kruger.

'After spending some time with the pack on the Zandspruit Aero Estate in Hoedspruit, we made our way to the Ngala Private Reserve near Orpen gate, which was where this video was filmed.

'Eventually the alpha of the pack just called and sort-of forced the pups back into the den, and it was all over. The adults lied down and we headed back to our lodging.'


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