Five grey wolves kiss and cuddle a photographer - who is happy to join the pile of love.

The pack starts by circling each other and wild life photographer Monty Sloan on a lake-side green at the Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana.

Mr Sloan is poised to take a picture but it seems he cannot resist returning the sharp-fanged animals' affection.

Alarmingly, in the Park's description of the pack, they explain that they are 'very friendly' to their prey - but sources insist this was a moment of genuine affection.

'Wolves do not growl or snarl at their prey,' the guide explains, 'It would be like a human getting angry at an ice cream cone he or she was about to eat! Wolves who are hunting look very excited and happy, even “friendly”.'

Wolf Park is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to behavioral research, education and conservation, with the objective of improving the public’s understanding of wolves and the value they provide to our environment. Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park. Wolf Restoration Project Leader, Doug Smith was a former intern and “puppy mother” at Wolf Park.


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    All vying for attention! Pet me, no pet me first!

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