Instead of releasing a “tirade of abuse” after overhearing a number of racist remarks, an Aboriginal man decided to take an alternate approach and like the old saying goes - “kill them with kindness.”

Jarred Wall was having lunch with his friend at a cafe in Perth, Australia, when he heard two elderly women next to his table chatting about aboriginals and using less than “distasteful” words.

“I would have released a tirade of abuse but that wouldn’t have helped,” Wall wrote on Facebook. “Instead, I did something nice.”

Rather than confront the pair and give them a piece of his mind, Wall bought the two ladies a pot of tea and on the receipt, he’d handwritten a note.

“Enjoy the tea! Compliments of the 2 aboriginals sitting next you on table 26.”

Photo Source: Facebook Post Jarred Wall

Accompanying his Facebook post, is the photo of the receipt from Zephyr Cafe with the note, which has received tons of praise from users online. Some saying “perfect action” to others wishing there were more people like him around.

Here’s hoping next time these elderly ladies “will be wiser and think before they speak” because you never know who’s sitting next to you.
Source: Yahoo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    fortunately these old dinosaurs and their archaic mindsets will be equally as extinct in the near future. that mentality/brainwashing is now becoming a thing of the past.

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