A heart-warming video clip has been released of an elephant calf being rescued from a water trench using an excavator.

 The four-year-old male calf, that fell into a water trench on Friday morning, was rescued and united with its herd the same day in Tamil Nadu, India.

The villagers had spotted the herd rampaging through their farm lands, feasting and destroying crops.

'After eating, the elephants went to the water tank to drink. That is when the incident happened,' said a villager

Acting on the information, a forest ranger team tried to drive the wild elephants back to the reserve forest area by bursting crackers.

While fleeing, the youngest elephant fell in the tank and started trumpeting as it could not climb out.

Moved by his plight, the officials tried to rescue the calf with an excavator.

'The four-year-old calf was rescued and reunited with its family.'


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