New York-based singer-songwriter Raye Zaragoza is doing her part to support the movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline with her latest video “In The River: A Protest Song.”

Stripped-down with just Raye and her guitar, “In The River: A Protest Song” is a track that comes directly from the heart.

“What inspired me most was listening to different testimonials of the Standing Rock Sioux people,” explains Raye. “Hearing them speak of their concern for their children and the generations to come. The more and more I read about what is happening in North Dakota, the more it breaks my heart. I am Native myself, Pima, and will do whatever I can to support the Standing Rock Sioux. Any threat to water is a threat to all of us. I wanted to see what I could do to help, and this video is a start.”

“I truly believe that music can be the voice of change, the voice of a generation. So many musicians in history have been a part of civil rights movements, and have helped huge changes in history. The vibrations of music have the power to hold someone’s attention, and if you use that to get the word out about important issues – it can be so powerful. I hope people will like my song, and through that – listen to the message. And support the cause.”

Written just a week ago, the song was recorded by Justin Hergett the day after she wrote it. The day after that, Raye’s brother shot the footage of her singing in the desert. Raye edited the video herself. “I wanted something simple that would help share the facts with those that aren’t entirely aware of what is going on in Standing Rock,” says Raye.

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