A deplorable roadside zoo in Pennsylvania has closed its doors, while its residents are on their way to starting entirely new lives in sanctuaries.

 Animaland Zoological Park was an unaccredited roadside zoo in Wellsboro that came under fire earlier this year for failing to provide adequate care for the animals there. Of particular concern was the blatant mistreatment of a gray wolf named Bear and a Siberian tiger named Baby, who are both protected under federal law as endangered species.

In March, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), along with six members of the public, filed a lawsuit ultimately seeking to have them moved to a sanctuary over concerns about their physical and psychological well being, in addition to barring the owners from keeping animals in the future.

They argued that Bear and Baby were being kept in conditions that violate the Endangered Species Act, stating in the complaint that the “cramped, concrete-and-steel enclosures are so vacant and so inadequate that both casual observers and skilled veterinarians alike have concluded that the animals are suffering immensely.”

This week, advocates for these animals are celebrating a huge victory. In response to legal action taken on behalf of these animals, the zoo has closed its doors and the residents who were imprisoned there are on their way to starting entirely new lives in sanctuaries, where they’ll be living out their days.

According to the ALDF, Bear was successfully moved to the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania, where he’ll finally be able to enjoy the company of other wolves in a natural environment.

Responses to "Wolf Rescued From Shady Roadside Zoo Is About to Start A New Life"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so very much for rescuing this beautiful Gray wolf and Siberian Tiger from a horrifying existence. It is organizations like yours that give me hope that these beautiful animals will now live a life full of love, good food, fresh water and perhaps a soft bed to rest their weary bones on after laying on a concrete floor.

  2. Unknown says:

    Thank goodness for these special people that save these animals

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