When New Dehli-based Karishma Walia found out that her potential husband is not of fan of dogs and wouldn’t want one after marriage, it became clear to her that it’s going to be an issue. So she turned down the arranged marriage.

 “Having a dog is definitely not a temporary phase. I can’t abandon my dog for anyone,” Walia told him in a Whatsapp conversation. Though the guy still tried to get her to reconsider, it didn’t work.

Walia just loves her pooch, Lucy, too much and if he can’t accept that – it’s a dealbreaker! She posted the full Whatsapp conversation to Facebook, and people on the Internet have been supporting her since.

So many animals find their way to shelters for one reason or another. Sometimes an owner decides that they can’t or don’t want to take care of their animal any longer. For most responsible animal owners, every single day spent with our friend gives us an unconditional love that’s hard to beat.

Deciding to bring an animal into your life is a commitment that should never be done lightly, and if you do decide to offer an animal a home, it’s should be for the animal’s lifetime.

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Responsible pet ownership means promising to take care of the pet through sickness and health – in good times and bad – for the life of the pet. They are our family members after all.

Responses to "Woman Turns Down Arranged Marriage After Man Asks To Give Up Her Dog"

  1. I I'm glad you made the right decision, he wasn't a good
    Person a pet is part of your life. Never give up

  2. Good for her, she would resent him making her get rid of her family member just because he did not want to share her. Too controlling. The dogs love is unconditional, you cannot say the same for the man

  3. Anna says:

    What a great Lady! And she's not naive - if the man loved her he would never ask her to abandon the dog for him, he tried to show her who's the boss and failed - go girl!

  4. Picked my dog, too says:

    When a man says "It's me or the dog" why are they always so unbelieving when a woman picks her dog??? You go girl!!!!!

  5. Gaetano says:

    You're awesome. Loving a pet is special. This man would only extinguish your light I'm glad you stood up for what you believe and feel. Shine bright.

  6. NOYB says:

    Unlike humans, our pets love us unconditionally. You made the right choice. I kicked a guy to the curb because he tried to kick my cat, I warned him before we started dating that I wouldn't allow anyone to make me choose because that person wouldn't like the end results. He didn't believe me.

  7. cathy t says:

    good for your, i believe if he did still marry your with the dog, i believe her would abuse the dog, , the dog is your family, BLess your for protecting your dog. someone will come along whos will love the dog as well s you

  8. Anonymous says:

    She definitely dodged a miserable existence with that a-hole. No way would anybody who truly wants to learn to love you and make you happy, would ever make her choose between her fur baby or them.

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