Mark and Sharon love dogs so much that they currently live with 46 dogs they couldn’t help adopting. All 46 dogs were rescues in desperate need of a home, often rejected by potential adopters due to their age or illness.

Mark and Sharon just couldn’t say no to taking in each and every one. It started back in 2004, when the couple, from Canada, adopted their first rescue dog.

That opened the door for other dogs, who Mark and Sharon adopted when they found out about their sad, lonely lives abandoned in shelters.

Right now, they have 46 dogs in total. ‘All of our dogs live indoors with us and we have no cages, pens or runs,’ said Mark.

‘They do kind of wreck the house and the dust is awful, but they’re all fully fledged family members and we wouldn’t have it any other way. ‘We know it’s very unusual but we’re not concerned if people think we’re a little weird.

‘The dogs are loved, cared for and blissfully happy.’

We don’t think it’s weird, we’re just deeply jealous of the size of the couple’s back garden. And the fact that they get to hang out with 46 dogs whenever they fancy. As blissful and dog-filled as their lives may seem, mind you, Mark and Sharon have had to make sacrifices to take care of their pack.

‘We never take holidays or go away now because we simply can’t leave the dogs,’ says Mark. ‘We miss them and they miss us.’

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