"Bears Ears National Monument in southeast Utah would be the first-ever truly Native American national monument." said Leonardo DiCaprio on his Facebook page

 "A historic coalition of Tribes are calling for the protection of 2 million acres of their ancestral sacred homelands. Time to #ProtectBearsEarsNow! Join me and support this effort" added by encouraging people to sign petition.

The Bears Ears area is the most significant unprotected cultural landscape in the United States. A monument designation would offer protection to traditional Native American land use and more than 100,000 cultural sites located on the 1.9 million acres of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and National Park Service.

Bears Ears National Monument has been proposed by an unprecedented coalition of Native American tribes whose connections to this cultural landscape run millennia deep.

For the first time in history, five tribes—the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Ute Mountain Ute and Uintah Ouray Ute—have joined forces to call on the President of the United States to designate their sacred ancestral lands as a national monument for future generations.

The goals proposed for the Diné Bikéyah National Conservation Area are: 1) provide clear management prioritization toward the protection of cultural and biological resources over other land-uses; 2) increase funding allocation to improve management of resources for this region; 3) create a process that recognizes the legitimate interests of the Navajo on federal land; and 4) provide a means of incorporating the extensive and valuable knowledge of the Navajo into land management decisions.


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