A pipeline owned by the same company behind Dakota Access leaked 55,000 gallons of gasoline into a major river, endangering the drinking water of six million people.

 A pipeline managed by Sunoco logistics burst Thursday night after heavy rainfall in Pennsylvania. The spill dumped 55,000 gallons of gasoline into Wallis Run, a tributary of the Loyalsock Creek that drains into the Susquehanna River. The breach was detected at 3 am when the pressure of the pipeline dropped significantly, leading Sunoco to shut down the pipeline.

Though the pipeline has been shut down, the heavy rains that led to the leak are expected to continue, so the actual break in the pipeline will remain unidentified until the weather clears. The Pennsylvania water authorities have warned customers to refrain from using water from the river as a precaution. No official data has been released regarding how long the ban on water use will continue.

The Susquehanna had previously been declared the third most endangered river in the US by the NGO American Rivers. It has come under threat due to the development of the natural gas industry, particularly the practice of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” Fracking has caused major problems in the US due to the so-called “Cheney’s loophole” that exempts natural gas companies from the vast majority of US environmental regulations. Many other rivers in the US are endangered by fracking.

American Rivers has said that fracking “poses one of the greatest risks our nation’s rivers have faced in decades. We are taking a major gamble on the clean drinking water for millions of Americans.”

Though the recent floods have been blamed for the spill, some are calling this into question due to Sunoco’s lengthy history of poor pipeline management. Indeed, pipelines managed by Sunoco Logistics spill more frequently than another, with more than 200 recorded leaks since 2010. This is also not the first spill of a Sunoco pipeline in Pennsylvania.

In 2008, an improperly installed valve “blew out” a pipeline in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection said that the area affected by the spill may never completely recover.

Sunoco is also a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners Limited, the company that also owns the controversial Dakota Access pipeline. The Dakota Access pipeline has been the site of a major protest against its construction, led by the Standing Rock Sioux with support from environmental activists and the United Nations. The Sioux and others argue that the pipeline threatens their water supply as well as their sacred sites.

Responses to "Pennsylvania Pipelines Bursts, Leaks 55,000 Gallons Of Gas Into A Major River "

  1. MadrePat says:

    Apparently PA has the largest population of elderly in any state. Makes PA an easy target.

  2. Untill these become national news all the time nothing will ever be done.

  3. Unknown says:

    What day did this happen

  4. sizemik says:

    21st October 2016

  5. Unknown says:

    The Friday before October 21st Barbara. It was first reported that weekend. I live there and we also in spite of this where the state or federal government have yet to take action have permits out for 2 more ENT/Sunoco pipelines. I grew up in South Dakota and went to school in North Dakota, when I brought this problem up, no one cared about it. They were too busy getting angry at the Native People for causing a standoff. It's unfortunate because this was "only" 50,000 gallons the DAPL pipeline wants a daily count of transporting 450,000 gallons so can you imagine what a spill or explosion would do....

  6. Unknown says:

    the last two governors of PA both republican (past) and democrat (current) are very pro fracking. It's very frustrating.

  7. Anonymous says:

    we havent recovered and may never recover from the previous spill. now this one, and there will be another. they promised there would be none, and if ONE possibly did occur, it would be handled immediately and contained. they said they had containment proceedures to stop it, clean it up and protect the environment. they lied.....people were paid off.....it continues.

  8. Unknown says:

    "Fracking" typically occurs 8,000'-10,000' below the surface of the earth. It is a process where sand and water are injected at high pressure into a crude oil and/or natural gas formation to "fracture" it so the oil and/or gas can flow from that depth to the surface through 2 or more concentric layers of cemented steel pipe.

    This is a gasoline spill. Gasoline is one of many by-products of crude oil, which are produced in a refinery. Most likely, this gasoline was being transported from the refinery to a distributor, for subsequent distribution to your neighborhood gas station to put in your vehicles.

    Fracking didn't cause the pipeline to rupture.

  9. Unknown says:

    Robert Meneil, it seems you have not fully understood this article. Please do read it again. Nowhere does it claim a direct relationship.
    Besides arguments like yours often seem not to see the forest for the tree. To me they generally appear not to be very neutral and I must admit I often suspect they are probably empowered by vested interests. But for how long? Do you have children by the way? If yes; do you sometimes really think about the kind of world they will inherit? We really need to get away from fossil fuels and invest in clean energy. These corporations usually avoid damaging white middle class neighborhoods but have no qualms destroying others where they fear no resistance or security. They are all risky undertakings but the philosophy that is often followed here is: Not in my backyard. And if you are an intelligent concerned human being, you should realize that there really does not exist a true my-own backyard. Please correct me if I am thinking wrong.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What difference does it make that fracking did not cause the spill? It is a spill, an environmental disaster, a disaster for the people who live by, live on and rely on the water. It is a disaster for anyone who may use the river for any reason. It is a disaster for the animals and fish who live in or near it. IT IS A DISASTER! and recovery may never be complete. How would you feel if your water table was contaminated? How long would you like to carry water into your house in order to drink, cook or bathe?

  11. Anonymous says:

    What is the reasoning behind the FRACKING danger to the rivers? One study by a tree hugger group isn't enough for me. Also when the flooding subsides and PA EPA test the bis river make sure you post those results! Are pipelines perfect, NO but they are a better alternative than trucking or rail. Unless you would enjoy a 20-30 percent increase in fuel cost.

  12. Unknown says:

    Cost,Anonymous?!? While you are worried about fuel cost, the water is becoming toxic. You can't eat(or drink)money.

  13. Skywater says:

    There is but one driving force behind these Pipelines, that is GREED. Here in the Winston, Oregon area we have been fighting a pipeline for the last many years. For the moment it has been halted but they are still intent that it will be pushed through. If it goes through it will be cutting through many watersheds. There will be a clear cut 100 feet wide the entire length of the pipeline where nothing can be built or grown. The patriot act was used to force the sell of private land or if the person does not want to sell the land will be condemned and taken for pennies on the dollar.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The alternative...deal with ISIS...why do you think they are setting their pipelines on fire. They do not want us to have it to shut down our transportation and very lives...they live in the desert and don't need heat.

  15. Anonymous says:

    How absurd,Anonymous! YOU sound just like TRUMP, every argument answered with ISIS. We have the answer, we developed SOLAR technology in the 50's, we knew back than the ramifications of our actions,but the Energy and Oil industry buried the information and technology. WE have the technology to power the WORLD WITH RENEWABLES. TESLA developed it, watch BEFORE THE FLOOD by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. ALL OF THIS AND MORE IS ADDRESSED.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I is hereby decrees that this or any other pipeline carrying gas or oil are considered illegal if they cross over any aquifer that is used by the haudenosaunee aka the six nations.

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