The women of Standing Rock do not call themselves protestors. They are protectors. In interview after interview, they explain that their fight is for the greater good. Standing Rock is their home, but Mother Earth is home to us all.

Indigenous women willing to risk their lives to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline construction that desecrated their ancient burial and prayer sites and threatens their land, water, and very existence.

They are the brave survivors. Among them, the descendant of the female warrior who fought the U.S. Cavalry alongside Sitting Bull. The great-grandmother who was fired upon at Wounded Knee in 1973. The lifelong activist who became a part of the system in order to defeat it.

They are the daughters and granddaughters of brave survivors. People who escaped genocide, only to be robbed of their lands and herded onto reservations. Children who were taken from their families and placed in non-Native boarding schools and foster homes where they suffered further abuse. Today, these women tell their own tragic stories. Stories ranging from forced sterilization to substandard medical care.

Yet somehow the spirit of these women has not been broken. The women of Standing Rock vow to protect Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. It is their responsibility to the ancestors and to the seven generations to come. This is their last stand.

"It's very simple. We have to have water for life. And so we're petitioning the world community to join our campaign. Every effort we make is for all of our children and grandchildren. We make a commitment to continue the struggle, and to make every effort for all of us." - A woman of Standing Rock

Women Lead the Prayer for Water at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota



Responses to "The Women of Standing Rock Vow To Protect Mother Earth "

  1. Unknown says:

    What amazing women! I too believe, so stand with you in prayer.

  2. Thank you for standing to protect mother earth and her resources of water for us and for future generations. You are heroines!

  3. yvonne says:

    💖🌎✌💧🌲💐 in love and light. Aho

  4. Anonymous says:

    love you all

  5. Anonymous says:

    Standing Rock, where will you Go?


    Call your people, call your Ancestors,
    call their Spirits from the Earth
    and GO!

    Call for the light of the Stars to guide you

    Call for the Sun to purify All Spirits

    Call upon the Spirits of those called
    Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow to clear your way

    Call upon the this New Moon
    of falling leaves and thinning veils,
    use this energy to purify all Seeds of Life

    Women of Standing Rock
    In these seeds infuse them with your Spirits,
    with your Love for all Life,
    the Spirits of your Peoples and all keepers of the Earth

    Call upon the Wind to carry these seeds across All Lands,
    All Seas, All Mountains, All Desserts, All rivers and Streams

    May they infuse everywhere and in all living Beings

    Call upon the rain to Seed a New

    Let the Waters of Life be Created Again

    Give each Person young and Old in your tribes an infused Seed

    Fear not People of Standing Rock
    Out of Chaos comes Life

    Where will you Go?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Sending love and prayers from Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
    We are all one Spirit. Stay strong #StandingRock

  7. It is time.Time to awaken...

  8. Unknown says:

    No matter who you count as your genetic ancestors, if you are an American these ancestors are your Godmothers. Look what a great gift they have protected for you and your children.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gvgeyu, Cherokee blood. "We shall never give up until all of us have joined hands and fall to the ground." Takatoka.

  10. .~•°♡°•~.

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