The furry critters can be seen leaping through trees, balancing on toadstools and enjoying berries in this series of Autumnal photos.

 The seasonal shots were captured by photographer and squirrel fan, Geert Weggen. Geert, 48, loves taking pictures of squirrels and photographs them in her garden or from the kitchen window of her house in Sweden, almost every day.

She said: “Before I shoot photos I put out food in places where I hope animals will be and then wait with my camera.

“I was about 3 meters from the squirrels and most of the photos are taken from my kitchen window.

After 3 years of almost daily shooting the animals are used to the sounds and opening of my window. Some are used that I come near to them to touch them

“Shooting photos of animals can sometimes be very frustrating, the animals do not always show up, lighting is bad.

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“But when I get the shot, I usually know before I see the photo. I get a big feeling of satisfaction and surprise of the beauty of a photo.”

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